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The InBody 770

Medical Grade Body Composition Analysis

This machine will be the foundation of my Functional Medicine Business.  This is one of the most advanced body composition machines on the market and I’m so excited to be able to bring this to Bowen Island! Measuring your body composition on an annual or more regular basis can be one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox for monitoring your health from the inside out.  Body composition analysis only takes 60 seconds and results in a wealth of information about your current state of health, including important information about your visceral fat level and whole body phase angle.  Visceral fat is thought to be a risk factor for Cardiovascular problems as it represents the amount of fat around your organs.  Whole body phase angle can be thought of as your cell’s ability to hold an electrical charge which has implications in disease development.

Body Composition Analysis Pricing

The Inbody 770 Body and Water Results Sheets

Who Is It For?

Anybody over 3 years old who is interested in learning

about their body composition in just 60 seconds.

Will you spare a minute for your health today?

Introducing the InBody 770

How To Take The InBody Test

How To Prepare For The InBody Test

What Is Body Composition?

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