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Infrared Sauna

An Infrared sauna is a great way to:

Relax and relieve daily stress

Reduce day to day muscle soreness

Reduce your body’s toxic load from chemicals, toxins, and mycotoxins

Sorry. There are NO shower facilities here.  Please shower at home afterwards.

What To Expect Using An Infrared Sauna

Expect to sweat, hopefully profusely

Expect to have more energy

Expect to enjoy deeper sleeps

Expect to burn calories like a workout, without moving.  Cool 😎 


What To Bring And Wear In The Sauna

Wear clothes so you don’t re-absorb toxins from your sweat back into your body.

Wearing a cotton t-shirt and sweat pants is recommended.

Towels are provided as well to wipe off excess sweat

Hydrogen Infused water is provided before, during, and after

EMF levels and Safety

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