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Online Functional Medicine Intake

What is LivingMatrix?

LivingMatrix is the leading provider of cloud-based software for Functional Medicine practices

Their online platform is unique and fully HIPAA-compliant and delivered through state-of-the-art technology

LivingMatrix and the Institute for Functional Medicine have created a partnership to bring Functional Medicine intake to the next level utilizing IFM’s Medical Questionnaire and Functional Medicine Timeline and Matrix to deliver an amazing health analysis that delivers your results to you visually in a way I bet you’ve never seen before.


Benefits To You For Using LivingMatrix

LivingMatrix is a cloud based software system that eliminates paperwork by allowing you to enter everything into a form online

This means NO more lost forms!

Comfortably gather medical records and relevant health documents before starting and eliminate the worry about forgetting about potentially important health details that can happen while talking with the health professional in their office

LivingMatrix also eliminates potential errors due to messy or hard to read handwriting

LivingMatrix is an amazing tool that brings Functional Medicine into the Digital realm 

All new documents are just uploaded to the LivingMatrix platform accessable by you anywhere on your phone, tablet, or computer

The LivingMatrix Dashboard

How To Fill Out The LivingMatrix Online Questionnaire

Click on the link below to watch a video on how to fill out the Living Matrix online forms

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